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A follow-up appointment is required 2–3 weeks after an abortion. The appointment will consist of a pelvic exam or ultrasound, birth control consultation and breast exam/Pat test upon request. What Are the Kinds of In-Clinic Abortion? There is more than one kind of in-clinic abortion procedure. The most common is called aspiration.
First Trimester: The Baby at 12 Weeks The nerves and muscles begin to work together. Your baby can make a fist. The external sex organs show if your baby is a boy or girl. A woman who has an ultrasound in the second trimester or later might be able to find out the baby's sex. Eyelids close to protect the developing eyes.
The placenta forms close to 9 weeks. Before then it is the ‘Chorionic Villi’. The Chorionic Villi was the marker for fetus gender determination. Ultrasound scans within weeks five to eight gestation can be done both transvaginal and abdominal. Known as an early gender scan.