Hi Ding, Welcome to the community and thanks for asking a great question. I grew up in a older house that had a wood burning stove and we were fortunate enough to have our stove put inside an existing old stone fireplace. Placement and clearance are going to be the keys here, as well as features
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When you are looking to fireproof polyurethane foam, Contego fire barrier latex paint is your solution. Contego applies with the spray equipment you already have, is completely non-toxic and can be top coated with acrylic enamel for special applications that require wash-down, such as coolers, produce facilities, slaughterhouses, and more.
Free standing fire screen / spark guard 80cm wide x 60cm high weight 6kg Flat spark guard style screens have a solid mesh panel that fits close to the face of the fireplace and covers the fireplace opening. These screens afford the greatest degree of safety and an unobstructed view of the fire.