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f(x). Use words such as right, left, up, and down. d) Answer the question. 15 a) g(x)= X V g(x) c) In what way did the graph move? d) What part of the equation indicates this move? 5econÅ SECONDARY 11 // MODULE 2 Mathenatics Vision Project Crative Comrrwrs Attnb.ltion CC BY 4.0 mathematics vision project
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SECONDARY MATH 1 // MODULE 8 CONNECTING ALGEBRA & GEOMETRY—8.5 c. Write the equation for both runners in slope-intercept form: d. Write the equation for Mariah, transformed from Fernando. e. What relationship do you notice between your answers to parts c and d? 30 laps 3. Week 4: The marathon is only a couple of weeks away! a.